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We all know that society produces too much rubbish in our modern lives and thankfully most people now are much more aware and prepared to do their bit to help. Some, of course, have little choice now that many Local Authorities require residents to sort their rubbish into separate bins, one for general rubbish and others for particular materials that can go on to be recycled.

And while some people complain that wheelie bins are a nuisance and are difficult to store, the evidence shows that recycling in this way really is working, so the system is here to stay. It may be true that black rubbish bags were easier to move around and store for people in terraced houses and other difficult properties, but wheelies do have definite advantages for Health and Safety, deterring pests and rodents like foxes, cats and rats.

Most areas will recycle a number of materials, which can only be good news for the planet. Plastic was a fantastic invention, but at the time nobody considered its impact on the environment, so using existing plastic items to produce new ones is the best way forward. Many people use blue bins, or bins with blue lids for plastic items.


Glass is something that has been recycled for a long time. Some people will remember glass milk bottles and fizzy drink bottles, and many years ago customers would pay a penny deposit, and when the glass bottle was returned to the shop, the customer got their penny deposit back. Nowadays ‘Bottle Banks’ are common-place, and often on a Sunday morning the smashing of glass can be heard as it hits the bottom of the bank.

Newspapers and cardboard are a big part of recycling now. More and more packaging is being used on items and it is creating major problems in landfill sites across the country. Back in the last century, of course, newspapers would be recycled in fish shops where they would be used to wrap fish and chips, but that custom was stopped as a potential health hazard.

Aluminium drink cans and tins are also common items to be recycled now. They are turned into all manner of things, from aircraft parts to another can!

There is no denying that recycling is a good thing – it’s just unfortunate that to make it economically viable in this country, collections can only be made every couple of weeks and in the meantime, the items need to be stored in bins that are unsightly and large. However, using Wheelie Bin Covers is a great way to do your bit for the environment, without spoiling the look of your garden. Quick to assemble and easy to use, Wheelie Bin Covers will make a superb addition to your outside space, regardless of the number of separate recycling bins you need to accommodate.

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