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Welcome to our Wheelie Bin Covers news page. Here you can find out everything about Wheelie Bin Covers, Recycling and Wheelie Bins. If you have a picture of your Wheelie Bin Cover or some useful advice please contact us and we will feature it on this page.

The Stylish Way to Hide Your Rubbish Bins with Wheelie Good Storage

Most households these days have to accommodate up to four wheelie bins as the country embraces recycling. These bins can be unsightly and are an eyesore in otherwise well-kept and beautiful gardens.

Not only that but with the advent of fortnightly bin collections across the UK, the majority of waste that is left outside, the more chance there is of drawing rodents and foxes to forage in bins.
Double Wheelie Bin Cover
Wooden Double Wheelie Bin Cover

The solution to this is a low key, secure storage system. Our wooden wheelie bin covers are available in a single, double or triple unit. Extra single units can be purchased if more than three are required.

Accessing the bins within the storage container is simple – a hinged lid helps when depositing waste into the bin and a door on the front opens gives easy access when the time comes to remove the bins.

Prime advantages are as follows:

- Made from a sustainable European FSC pine (treated to ADOLIT BQ1)
- Strong and durable in all weather conditions
- Secure, lockable storage combined with easy access to bins
- Disguises unsightly bins and recycling boxes
- Flat packed with easy to follow instructions
- Available for any number of bins

Single Wheelie Bin Cover
Wooden Single Wheelie Bin Cover

With the rise in incidents of identity fraud, it is more important than ever to guard our personal details. Thieves are undeterred from searching through rubbish bins for documents including bank statements and credit card information that can help them participate in fraud.

The high quality wheelie bin storage covers are lockable to ensure that bins are not in full sight. This can help prevent unauthorised individuals accessing the rubbish or extra unwanted waste being deposited in the bins.

The wooden wheelie bin covers are delivered as boxed, flat-pack items. Putting up the covers is simple with full, clear and easy to follow instructions.
Triple Wheelie Bin Cover
Wooden Triple Wheelie Bin Cover

The only tools necessary are a screwdriver and a hammer. Assembly of your new garden wheelie bin cover is only 10 minutes or so away and then it’s ready to use.

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Outdoor Storage Boxes: Clearing Your Garden Clutter – Think Inside the Box

When choosing garden furniture many people forget about outdoor storage spaces. Particularly frequently overlooked are outdoor cushions. Once the new patio set has been worn in for the summer, all too soon it seems the leaves are changing colour and it is suddenly time to think about where on earth the outdoor cushions can be safely stored for the damp and dreary winter period.

Teak Wooden Storage Box 1.2M
Teak Wooden Storage Box 1.2M

If the garage and shed are already full to bursting then it may be necessary to cleverly create further storage space without compromising on style and appearance.  If you’re looking for something to spice up your garden as well as provide hidden, uncluttered storage, then a teak storage box may be just what you need.

Not only does it provide a practical, waterproof place to store furnishings and patio supplies neatly out of sight, it also provides a wonderfully unique garden area as it doubles as an attractive extra seating area.

Teak Wooden Storage Box 1.5M

Combining functionality with practicality, this dual seat storage box comfortably seats two to three, depending on the size you order, and the lid lifts to reveal plenty of storage for garden or patio essentials.

What’s more it can match or compliment your lovely garden furniture set. Waterproof and with side ventilation to allow adequate air flow, you can be confident that your cushions are safely stored until you need them again.

Teak Wooden Storage Box 1.8M
Teak Wooden Storage Box 1.8M

Available in a variety of sizes, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m, these teak cushion storage boxes are crafted from the highest quality teak which will weather beautifully over time. The natural oils within the teak gradually oxidise to become a silvery colour while the wood continues to maintain its strength and durability.

Should you prefer the original colour of the natural wood, this can be retained by applying a teak protector which will prevent the colour change due to the weathering process.

Whatever finish you decide on you can be assured of a useful and attractive addition to your garden storage for years to come.

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