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Solihull Says Hello to Wheelie Bins

Solihull Wheelie BinImportant facts for residents of Solihull and surrounding towns.

Solihull Borough Council has been providing Solihull households with black Wheelie Bins since 21st September 2009.

Now coming to the end of a twelve week operation residents are faced with finding somewhere to fit these bins.

Each household is to be provided a 140 litre black Wheelie Bin for non recyclable domestic waste and will also be introducing further recycling collection services.

The council will be providing a collection service for old dustbins. This will be taking place from 5th October till 23rd December. Around 78,000 households would receive black Wheelie Bins.

"With kerbside collections of cans, cardboard and plastic also starting in September, the amount of ordinary household waste to be collected will be reduced by about 50 per cent, so there will be no reason to overfill the Wheelie Bins.”

Existing collections for paper, glass and green Wheelie Bins will carry on as normal.

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