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Welcome to our Wheelie Bin Covers news page. Here you can find out everything about Wheelie Bin Covers, Recycling and Wheelie Bins. If you have a picture of your Wheelie Bin Cover or some useful advice please contact us and we will feature it on this page.

Wheelie Bin Storage

Ever thought about what could be done regarding that big plastic wheelie bin that lives in your garden? Well there is a solution; Wheelie bin covers and storage is becoming more and more popular for concealing wheelie bins and disguising their location in gardens and outside the front of houses close to front doors where access to the rear of properties is limited or non-existent.
Wheelie bin covers are attractive, elegant containers produced in materials to blend into the existing natural habitat they reside in. They are able to offer an instant outcome altering the area, making it look more organised and tidy. A lot of wheelie bin covers found are manufactured from pine, which being a natural material gives a complimentary look and feel and with the ability to be stained or painted the cover can be managed to compliment to your existing garden d├ęcor or can become an attractive feature of the garden.
Making them appealing to site in a front garden in addition to a back garden safely is also high on the agenda. Wheelie bins can be stolen; rubbish emptied from them all over the street or indeed your bin can be filled whilst you are not aware. Wheelie bin covers offer a lockable solution making your own wheelie bin secure against all of these issues.
A variety of sizes can be found with single wheelie bin covers having room for an individual wheelie bin. However if you have more than one bin for instance a general refuse bin and a recycle wheelie bin, options are available with double or even triple wheelie bin covers intended for where multiple bins are stored.
Wheelie Bin Storage
With more and more concern being shown for the utilisation of wheelie bins as well as the volume of them out and about on the streets in the UK Wheelie Bin Storage is the ideal way to hide them safely and securely and make your garden area look more appealing.
Where access to the rear of a property is limited, wheelie bin storage makes perfect sense with standard features such as a locking option offering peace of mind for you to be secure in the knowledge that your wheelie bin will not go missing or be stolen.
The Store it out cover unit makes for ideal bin storage with the ability to hold bins safely and thanks to its rigid construction will not rust, dent or peel. Another feature of an outside bin storage unit is the easy open lids for simple access to your stored wheelie bin helping to disguise smells and odours.
The range of wheelie bin storage options is ideal for all conditions. They look so good you can make them a simple addition to the garden or as a feature add on for any garden area where needed.

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