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Triple Wheelie Bin Covers

How many wheelie bins do you possess in your household? At the time of writing we are up to two in our household along with a third container in which we have to separate waste paper.

With the ever increasing requirement from local councils to consider how household waste is separated, the rising number of wheelie bins and other containers to separate and hold waste is something which is starting to take over the external areas of any household making outdoor areas and gardens look ungainly and sometimes just downright ugly if you don't have an area which can be easily set aside for the number of wheelie bins and containers now required.

The great news is a triple wheelie bin cover makes an ideal storage area. Wheelie bin storage offers the facility to camouflage your wheelie bin and containers simply in an attractive store giving you the opportunity to keep the outside of your home clean and tidy. They offer additional protection in poor weather meaning your wheelie bin will not get blown over and the contents will not end up being strewn all over the garden. Manufactured from sustainable FSC approved pine material, these wheelie bin storage covers offer the perfect addition to any home offering strong, durable characteristics being built to last regardless of the weather conditions thrown at them.

Wheelie Bin Storage

They make a great solution if access to the rear of your property is limited. With a lockable lid option as standard they offer protection from vandals and late night would be joy riders who may think it is fun to take your wheelie bin for a test ride along with would be thieves, whilst at the same time making an attractive option by disguising your wheelie bins from sight. With theft of wheelie bins and their contents increasing as thieves search for documents including bank statements and credit card information that can help them participate in identity theft and fraud, lockable bin storage is a big advantage to hiding your wheelie bin and preventing such problems.

Using the storage container is simple enough - an opening lid helps when depositing your waste and a door on the front opens giving you easy access when the time comes to remove your wheelie bin from the storage area. If you only have two wheelie bins the third container area could be utilised as a log store for example, if you have a wood burning stove or maybe for keeping any other waste containers safely, in order that you keep all of your household waste in one place, easily and out of sight.

Triple wheelie bin covers are delivered flat packed but offer easy assembly and are quickly moved into any required position. As a simple addition to your outdoor area to offer a secure attractive storage area to hide unsightly wheelie bins, the triple wheelie bin cover is ideal and will certainly last for many years offering great service for all your storage needs.

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