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6 Tips for Organizing Your Garden Accessories

Keeping all of your garden accessories in order is not as straight forward as it seems, especially if you have limited garden storage.

Organizing your tools and equipment in a logical order is the key to keeping everything accessible. Following a few tips will help make the tidiness of your gear simplicity itself.

Keeping it Shed Shape

Most gardens have a storage shed of some sort. A well-organized shed is one which has a designated place for everything. Give over one side of the shed as a home for your gardening tools. Stand upright equipment, like hoes, spade and forks, along one wall and fix a batten in place so they do not fall over.

Install a shelf or two above to house your smaller tools, like sheers and trowels. On the other side of the shed set up an old kitchen cupboard unit to house your weed killer, plant food and compost.

Garden Accessories Storage

Garden Accessories Storage Boxes
Garden Accessories Storage Boxes
If your shed is overflowing with tools and accessories, but your budget does not run to a second one, a good idea is to invest in a durable ready–made garden storage box. Opt for a heavy duty one with a lid that can be clamped down with a latch. This will serve as an accessory storage unit you can place next to your shed for the tools you use less often.

Potting Bench Storage

Everyone needs a space to work in to prepare for the spring time. Whether you have a window sill potting bench or something grander in a green house or a conservatory keeping it organized will mean that you work more effectively.

Potting bench storage ideas include units that have a split level work space so that you can move from a seedling tray to a pot with ease. Fix some hooks to the side of your bench so that you can hang a dibber or a watering can from it without taking up work space.

Keep It Under Wraps

A good garden storage tip is to make sure that you have wrapped up your bulbs properly over the winter period. With a little care, they will be in perfect condition for summer. Buy slatted storage racks, with plenty of ventilation that you can place on top of each other to save place. Keep bulbs wrapped in old newspaper and store in the dark.

Hide Unsightly Rubbish Bins

Single Wheelie Bib Cover and Storage
Single Wheelie Bib Cover and Storage
Household waste and the smells that go with it can cause an increase in unwanted rodents and pests. The answer is to consider a well-made bin cover that looks smart and stops animals from attempting to pull out the rubbish that might be inside.

If you have a wheelie bin in particular then there are purpose made wheelie bin covers and storage that can provide the perfect solution.


Garden hoses are a regular sight during summer. Store you hose over winter when you won’t be using it. Make sure the hose is free from kinks as you wind it up so that it works well next year. Wrap it around a reel, if you have one, and set it aside until spring.

Organize your garden tools and accessories with some well-chosen outdoor and garden storage and you’ll be ready to tackle the garden once again come spring.

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